How to Learn Spanish fast

If you wanted to learn Spanish fast there are some ways that i can introduce to you. firstly, i'd like to recommend a book named <Rocket Spanish> which is a fast-learning book, written by a native speaker. the book may help you improve your pronunciation and the language sense. correct your pronounciation all the time, it will help you speak like a native. then move on to the grammar and spelling learning. choose another good book to recite every word and try to translate the text. try to understand the text meaning without interpretated text. do some excise when you finished a chapter. speaking and listening are very important. if you got some spare time and you can afford the lesson fee, just attend some classes to leran Spanish systematically. the most important thing is to practice oftenly, practice makes perfect. get every chance to speak to use the language and to listen to Spanish. when you applied Spanish in all your life, you may get a surprise. you will find that your language ability just get a breakthrough in a secret way. that's the little experience of my language learning. i hope what i mentioned may help you.


Learn Spanish Tips For You

You can speak and understand Spanish like a native while cutting your learning time in half with Rocket Spanish.

1. there are just 3 steps to dramatically improving your understanding of the Spanish language:
the 33 language & culture lessons from Rocket Spanish Premiun includes:
a. step-by-step expanations
b. lots of extra Spanish vocabulary in audio tracks
c. the amzing Rocket Record to make sure you always know how to say it.

2.How to cut your learning time in half with Rocket Spanish.
your Rocket Spanish Premium course comes with a personalized Dash board that
a. walks you through the Rocket Spanish Premium course, you can hit the ground running.
b. tracks your progress
c. suggests the nest best lessons for your learning style.
d. gives you your overall progress at a glance.

3.what happens if you get stuck?
our Rocket Spanish will offer you:
a. Spanish teachers(including Mauricio Evlampieff)
b. native speakers
c. fellow Spanish enthusiasts will answer all your Spanish questions

4.keeping it in fun
our course is conversation based boring conversations are not here. these are:
a. Real life conversations about useful real world things
b. conversations designed to get you speaking Spanish right from first lesson.


Spanish is quite used by many countries

I've been travelled all over the European countries and very lucky to find the Spanish is quite used by many countries. I owe my fluent Spanish to my boyfriend who is a pretty boy from Spain. Because of him I gained Spanish in a short period, you won't believe that I only spent less than three month then I can talk to him about anything. Rocket Spanish, right? The summer after high school when we first met, I thought I would be his girl. The only person that comes into my eyes is a tall, thin, and pretty clear boy with a broad smile in his face. What a pity, we can't communicate at that time, the only thing I can do is just saying hello to him then looked at him with the same smile. It's so hard for us to communicate with each other. We've been dating for several times that I said to myself I must learn Spanish. Just for our future. He is glad about my decision, and helped me with all his heart.

how to learn Spanish

We both are sports fans, when we sat on the sofa and watched a spots game, he translated it into a Spanish version. It's funny, and what's more, he started to send me Spanish short messages. I have to figure out the sweet and beautiful words by myself. Sometimes, he speak his mother language in a slow and clear way, if I can't understand, I just stare at him and make a guess. He is a warm and gentle boy, and very patient to me, always repeated his words again and again. After a few weeks, he brought me some Spanish short story books, which took me almost a whole month to read and understand it. The big change in my Spanish learning had happened but I didn't realize it. Rocket Spanish just happened, like a miracle. Two month later we decided to take a trip to Spain and visited his parents. I was so panic and worrying about the upcoming meet. The first thing might be the language barriers. I confessed my feelings to him and just said "don't be so nervous, you have created a miracle you know? Just because you have deep love for me, and you are willing to walk into my heart, my world, and you are even interested in my country, and I am deeply moved honey." At the time I didn't realized that we can communicate without any barriers. The day we arrived in Spain, I found myself was not as nervous and scared as I imagined. And I was not so strange about the surroundings. My boy just taught me a lot!! When we talk to some native speakers I found my Spanish was so good that someone just asked me, oh, are you a native?

Rocket Spanish


Share my Spanish learning experience

I’d like to share my Spanish learning experience here with great delight. I start my self-learning way without any basics, but I can speak Spanish fluently after three month. Then how can I just pick up this language with rocket speed? The important thing is interest. Yeah, we all know that Spain is a fascinating and typical western country, a lot of things that draw your eyes. My great attention is on the sports, which means I learned it just because I want to watch their sports games more convenient. Yeah, you don’t have to be suspicious about my intention, not for starting a career, not for education just for fun, for sport. Then I think you may be very curious about my learning measures and habits since I can rocket Spanish, right? Here are some little skills for those people just like me. Spanish, French, Italian are all derived from Latin. Though the Latin-speaking Roman Empire died in the fifth century, something else had been boom within it that was to avail itself enormously of its prestige and tradition, and that was the Latin-speaking half of the Catholic Church. Spanish learning is totally different form English learning, because the later needs to study a lot of phonetics. While Spanish is very easy and scientific for you to learn, and in the beginning, the only one thing you have to do is just make sure you are skillful and knowledgeable about the pronunciation and the letters. This is the foundation works, you do a strong spadework on the basics then you can read all the Spanish articles or books without any barrier. This is just the first step.

The most difficult parts in Spanish learning are the grammar and mixed conjugation, so are French. Huge effort needs to be put on here. This is the secret of rocketing Spanish. A good memory will help you a lot when you try to keep all those rules and applications in your mind, if you don’t have a good one, never mind, spend more time, it really works. What’s more, application is the key weapon for you to check your learning works. Just search any chance that you can grasp to use the language. Try to watch a sports game without any translation, and figure out to what extent you can understand, find your shortcomings and fix them. Read the Spanish loudly then you can experience the grammar and rules and accumulate your vocabulary. The skills used for those learners without systematic study or any basics are very important, and they just help you not waste your time and energy. Just follow my step and try to gain this language within three month, some guidebooks are good helpers since the scientific and popular suggestions and be found.

When you can communicate with other Spanish learners then move forward to find a native speaker to practice your oral speaking. It is also another secret to Rocket Spanish. Okay, just create your own miracle!!


How to learn Spanish

When someone mentioned Spain, he must say something like this: amazing country, but it would be better for me if i was familiar with its language. Actually, Spanish is not that difficult to learn, at least far more different from learning Chinese. Spain is a country with a very long history, so its language is popular among some south-America countries since the conquered people picked up this fascinating language a very long time ago.

Now it becomes popular again, cause Spain as a typical European country with unique culture, religion, fashionable ideas attracts people from all over the word. Spanish is a language which you can use to talk to the God. Then how to learn Spanish quickly and accurately? This is the theme of the whole book.
A foreign language is just like a concrete blockhouse, measures to conquer it must be taken from all aspects: reading news papers like the native speaker, listening to the Spanish broadcast or some speeches, watching original movies, chatting with Spanish people, reading books, learning the language systematically. Here I accumulated some suggestions from some experts:

1 The stable and systematical environment.

It is the key factor for a Spanish learner, but it only works when someone lived in a country where Spanish is popular . Once you are accommodated to the environment round you, you will find it is comfortable for you to learn experience their customs and cultures, and you are willing to learn what they said and what they want to express. Naturally you can understand their language grammar and your vocabulary will get a breakthrough. All these changes happened just because your environment is very stable not changeable and you lived happily. When you just grasped the language you can apply to a local school for a further and systematical study about the language. If you are going to travel in other European countries and Spanish will be your main language then you can apply for some courses like travelling or education.

2 Choose an international environment

It is only applied to the campus students that learn it systematically. Don’t select the studying environment that just consists of your language speakers. If the learners from all over the world, that means you have to speak Spanish cause you are not being understood by others if you refused to speak it. If you got a chance to communicate with native speakers then just do it. Don’t be shy or scared cause no one is going to tease you for your speaking, they maybe offer some help.

3 Learning plans is important

Everyone is different from other, so plans that suit to oneself is necessary when learning a language. You can set your learning plans just according to your ability and comprehension and the talent. You have to admit that language learning needs some talents. You totally measured yourself then you can design some goals and schedules. Take use of the internet and library to accumulate the documents you want and the materials you need.

As long as you spend time and learn it systematically, I believe everyone can grasp this fascinating language.


The best way to learn Spanish

The best way to learn Spanish is to spend a lot of time listening to people who are speaking the language. As you listen, there are two things you can do to make sure you're absorbing the Spanish words and phrases. One, if you're listening to an audio recording of a person who is speaking Spanish have a written script with its translation in front of you. Second, as you progress in your knowledge of Spanish by way of audio tapes, take an opportunity to listen to a conversation between native Spanish speakers.

Listening to audio in Spanish is an excellent way to get a feel of how the language flows. Also, reading a written translation as the person speaks will assist you in learning the meanings of words you hear over and over again. Both hearing and seeing the word in Spanish will serve to reinforce your knowledge. Be aware that at first the unfamiliar words may sound as if they are all running together. However, with repeated listening sessions the individual Spanish words will begin to travel more distinctly to your ear. As an additional advantage, you can stop the audio device and rewind it if you want to hear a particular word pronounced again.

Listening to a group of native Spanish speakers can be very beneficial to a student who is learning the language. The Spanish lessons will begin to pay off as you recognize a word here and there. Plus, there are mannerisms and facial gestures used by a speaker that can reveal clues as to what the person is talking about. Furthermore, if the people in the group know you are learning Spanish perhaps they will be open to answering questions you have about the gist of the conversation.

When considering the best way to learn Spanish there is no substitute for diving right in and learning it from the people who use Spanish in everyday life.

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Spanish Lessons Online - Learn Spanish Fast

Here there are actually a quickly way to learn spanish. We only included what is useful to our learner who wants to speak Spanish after a few years, while still touching many areas as possible. Before learning it, let's go over how important Spanish is.

Spanish is the best official language of Spain and 19 Latin American countries. It is spoken as a first language by about 330 million people and as a second language by more then 50 million. 

Spanish is certainly easy learning relative to other languages. In the United states over 17 million people speak as their native language.It's one of the official languages using the United Nations. Its vocabulary is simply of Latin origin. However, its full of loan words off their languages, especially Arabic, French, and Italian.

You might discover variety of dialects for instance Castilian and dialects of Latin America, having some minor differences between them. Nevertheless, it is considered by some an easy language to understand compared to other languages. On our website, you have grammar and vocabulary or crafting letters.

I decided to divide recption menus into two sections- one to make the Grammar and a second to the Vocabulary. You might web page under each section; when you ever don.t know how to begin, maybe you should check how to Study a Language first.